Monday, September 28, 2009

Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament for PSP Review


Steambot Chronicles is a bit like of clear antithesis to the regular open-world gameplay style. Rather than an over-the-top ferocity or hard-edged outlaws acquiring center stage, this game was inhabited with upbeat, airy fictional characters, cafés, Victorian architecture, and a slacked up, freewheeling mental attitude to finishing missions. Certainly, it was not completely nonviolent: robot combat was always the brand of this PSP game late in the day (albeit, clumsy steam-powered automata). It is a venture compressed down for a PSP, dumbing down Steambot Chronicles a bit of its easygoing ambience.
Regrettably, the artwork have sustained the same fate. For the PS2, the Steambot Chronicles was fairly an appealing game; but not so for the PSP. Although the fictional characters and Trotmobiles seem moderately respectable, the surrounding in Battle Tournament are tasteless, bland, and full with muddied texture work. Robot combats are skillfully animated, tho', and the colorations pop adequately to prevent them from getting befuddling. It is a bit peculiar that those fictional characters and mechs are really well designed, yet the domain is really muted and horrible - it nearly looks like they are stuck in a unworthy PSP game. Even so, while the surrounding is roughly beautiful, it is definitely not a slow game: this game is full with exuberant fictitious character portrayals, a good deal of the dialogues are voice acted, while the songs is nothing short of only toe-tapping. It is simply a pity the artwork did not get an acceptable look-over.
This game adopts the Steambot Chronicles enfranchisement in an curious focus, considering it is the earliest sequel that game has bred. The archetype was a bit like of a cult classic, certainly, thanks to the rolling gameplay; the sequel has more effort and more process. The real question is what those devotees desired? Certainly, Battle Tournament can lack a few of the appeal that caused the existing game so adored, but it is a modest action adventure.