Monday, September 28, 2009

Pangya: Fantasy Golf for PSP review


You see, each golf game is a good deal like a toast. It is absolutely hard to make it wrong. Granted, a few games wind up glowing. The most part though, are fastened within the the ceaseless “pretty good” rut. This game is included. Of course, being really good is not a lousy thing. I would say it is quite acceptable. Pangya Fantasy Golf, although, adopts this time-tested technique and adds up its own kinks, leading into a worthy PSP game.

After those Tiger Woods PGA Tour games actively innovating, the concept for golf games was continuously easy. There was a player, and there was a meter. You push down a button one time, see the meter to get to the highest level, push this button once again, see the meter to hit that bottom, push once again and let it fly. That simple-yet-effective solution is employed by Pangya, with an average success . You will find a couple of other things spread onto these game, of course, like that power meter, which helps to add a little more power on one shot when it is shot, and a few creative surrounding that play in different ways compared to an ordinary rough/fairway/green course. The nucleus of gameplay, though, stays moderately regular.
Although Pangya isn't the most creative game gameplay-wise, it's still pleasurable. With a looney story mood and firm gameplay, you may quickly lose hours on golf playing. The real issue is the the absence of internet multiplayer. With the not-really-budget value of $30, I think we have to see a few online tee moment. Nonetheless, it is a title you are able to get fun on your own, or with pals.