Monday, September 28, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged PSP Game Review

The Rock Band franchise is among the most favorite yet in the musical rhythm game genre, initiating the multi-instrument formatting and enabling up to 4 players to jam simultaneously with a bevy of certified tracks on musical instrument peripheral devices. So, after it was foretold that Harmonix might be creating a PSP game of the franchise without any instruments, lovers of this series got moderately overcurious as to what this PSP game would imply. Fortunately, the experimentation bought off, as Rock Band Unplugged is a satisfying and amusive light-weight loop from the serial publication.

Visually, this PSP game does a smooth job of mimicking the appearance of the console adaptations of Rock Band. The demonstration is taken from an original game, right from the menus and the fictitious character styles to the auditory sensation FX. The master transcriptions also sound amazing, and using earphones is unquestionably favored to the PSP’s fairly inferior loudspeaker system.

The the absence of multiplayer is surely a bummer, and most of the set-list is intimate territory for followers of the Rock Band enfranchisement, but followers need to have a blast with this game.