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Mob Wars – Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Oh, such a great movie, and if you haven’t seen it, shame on you. There’s an attraction to being the bad guy; there always has been. Movies and games are a means to escape the every day, and being able to identify with the opposite side of the tracks is what makes media such as Goodfellas, The Godfather, Grand Theft Auto, and Saint’s Row so popular. However, none of these have ever had much of a social element to them (save for maybe the latest renditions of GTA and Saint’s Row). Social “bad guy” games are currently reserved for social networks, and with over a million monthly users, Mob Wars is a title in which you can not only rise through the ranks of the mob, but do so with plenty of friends.

The question is: How do you get up there? How do you make all that money? Well, while it may all be water under the bridge for the more veteran players, but there are some pretty good tips for players from levels 1-20 and how to get started. Alarmingly, these game tips are rather close to reality, so even if you don’t play the game, you might find some other uses.

Rule #1 of successful mobbing: Invest early and often as this will be your primary bankroll. That said, managing your finances early on is critical. While it may seem obvious you have to be very careful with what you purchase and should never buy more than what you absolutely need. Try not to be too frivolous and resist the urge to buy some of the really cool toys. You won’t need it for a long time (i.e. an armored Humvee). These items may be good, but they’re also expensive to upkeep and you can’t afford that risk yet. By the same token, however, you do want to spend a little extra on all real estate.

Never, ever buy it one item at a time. The game implements an increasing cost mechanic every time you make a purchase, so you want to buy real estate in sets of 10 so they cost less in the long run. Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper regardless of where you are in life. However, if you cannot afford a full set of 10, just be patient until you can. By no means should you sell smaller real estate in order to buy bigger ones as you will, once again, loose money. Cubicle Denizen has a pretty good spreadsheet that can help you find the best investments with the highest return if you want more details.

Okay, so now you know how to make the wisest investments, but how do you get that extra money? Well, for starters, you can hunt for what are called “pigeons” or players that don’t bank their money. Obviously, the game isn’t meant to be played constantly, so at one point or another everyone is a pigeon at some point, the trick is to find them. It may seem cruel to clean them out, but that’s one of the ways the game is played, and it’s a quick way to earn a ton of cash. However, take precautions against being one yourself. You have to boost your defensive stats early and often so you won’t have to worry about banking quite as much. If they are high enough, while you may still get beaten and killed, you won’t have to concern yourself with losing too much (if any) of your hard “earned” cash.

So what stops them from doing the same thing to you? Nothing, but that’s not the only way to get significant cash. Now it comes down to play style. There are two methods to utilize here, one is to make more friends and build your mob, but the other is to fight, fight, fight, which sounds a lot more fun. Fighting is one of the faster ways to get money, and due to the high rate of regeneration, you probably won’t need to add more than three stamina until later levels.

However, you still have to pick your targets wisely. Here’s a compound trick in finding a good target: First, look for anyone that has a casino on their property as that means they’ve got plenty of income to “share” with you. Next, find one that has lost a lot. Sound unlikely? Not really. Such a target is most likely a “clone account” on Facebook, which means they will most likely not defend their boss, and in turn, earns you around $70,000 each attack. At this point, save the link and repeat attacks until they go to the hospital (of course, make sure your weapons are enough to win first).

That leads to one final tip: If you ever find yourself in the hospital, take advantage of it. You know how when you play Monopoly and everyone has hotels up? Where is the best place to be? That’s right, jail. You run no risk of losing money while in there. The same goes for the hospital. You can still do business there, and at worst, get punched in the face, but you can’t be attacked, so keep that in mind.

So there you have it. While it may not help the most advanced players, this should be enough to get you a decent start. Invest wisely, spend wisely, search for pigeons and clones, and always take advantage of the hospital. While it may not make you The Godfather, it can put you that much closer. There are also some very interesting discussions, such as this one, on the web regarding strategy and further tips for improving your mob. Good luck, and happy mobbing.

Who Has The Biggest Brain Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

So you want a bigger brain, do you? With people scoring well over 5,000 or even 7,000, one has to wonder how they do it. How did they get so good? How can you get better?

As most of you know, the game is made up of various mini-games that are meant to test different aspects of your brain, and the scores from each make up your “brain size.” As such, in order to get better, you have to practice all these different games, but if you play the classic version, you get them at random, which leads to a very basic tip.

Most of the top scorers have the Pro version of Who Has The Biggest Brain?, which allows them to select the mini-games they are best at, thus automatically improving their score. Of course, it’s not quite that simple. There are, in fact specific tricks you can employ for each mini-game.

The first category is for analytical ability. One of the possible mini-games you might come across here is “scales.” In this game you have to identify which object is the heaviest in a group. It starts simple enough with only one scale, but that number begins to grow as the rounds pass. However, there are some basic rules you can follow to speed up you analysis. Spend little time in the first rounds, if the object is on the bottom of the scale or at equilibrium with multiple objects, it is heavier. That alone will get you to the later rounds in 10 or so seconds.

Once you get multiple scales, though, you have to look at the image as a whole and not each individual one. Scan over the objects on the screen using your peripheral vision and if you see two of the same one at the top, they are not the heaviest, but if you see two or more on the bottom, then they most certainly are. This should get you at least 600′ish points if you practice, but if you’re looking for 1000+, you’ll have to get faster at the end rounds, in which case you can follow one rule: While not 100% accurate, the heaviest item will either be the most common item on the bottom scales or the least common, with only one or two objects on the bottom.

After you’ve gotten past the analytical game, it’s time to calculate (ugh… math…). Sorry folks, but there aren’t many “rules” here that can help you get around math. However, there are a few tricks beyond simply memorizing your multiplication tables all over again. So one of the games is “missing number” in which you do basic math: First and foremost, use the number pad, don’t use the mouse. Not only is it faster, but there’s a neat little trick for the game.

You see, if you have the right answer, it will check off instantly, but if it is wrong, you have a second or so to fix it. If you use the number pad, you can type in a number, and if the check mark doesn’t appear, you can press “delete” to change the number until you get it right. For example, if you have “12×7=” (which is 84), you can type the ‘8′ then 1, hit delete, 2, hit delete, etc. until it checks as correct. If you are quick enough you won’t get it wrong. Nevertheless, spending too much time on this trick eats up precious seconds that you will need for your score. Also, most of the answers are fairly similar, but presented in different ways (i.e. 3×5 is the same as (2+1)x5) so once you recognize those patterns, you will get even faster.

Next up is memory, and this one can be tough. One game that you might come up against is “shape order” which consists of being shown an order of shapes, and then having to emulate said order from memory. Basic memory techniques are what most use here. Consider when you would study for tests in high school (assuming you did). Was it not easier to remember things you said aloud? The same concept applies to this game.

Your brain processes audio data far faster and efficiently than the visual counterpart, and this habit alone will do wonders for your score. Also consider short one-syllable words, or familiar phrases common to you. The average human brain cannot hold many things within its short term memory for long, but by shortening the words or relating them to something familiar, the chances of retention are exponentially greater. As for the later levels, you will need to do the same thing, but apply the idea to sets of two or three. Once you get used to it, you will find it is much faster to remember three sets of two than it is recalling six individual images.

Now that you’ve made it this far, its time for some fun visual processing. “Asteroids” is one of the cooler mini-games in this section, where the game play is simply removing asteroids from play based on the numbers or letters printed on them. The object is to remove them from the least value to the greatest value. It’s pretty simple to do this one: All you need to do is create groups in your mind.

For numbers, group negatives and group positives. For letters, break the alphabet into sections (i.e. A – L). This creates a hierarchy in your brain and gives your thoughts a clear path to follow automatically rather than you having to think about it. Remove the asteroids that fall into the lesser sections, then move to the next section. Also, a number of players on this Facebook discussion thread found it useful to zoom out while in this game, making it easier to see everything on the screen and allowing for less mouse movement and greater accuracy.

That should give you at least a little bit of ammunition for you next crack at Who Has The Biggest Brain? There are a total of 12 different mini-games, so there are a lot more tricks to be learned. Nevertheless, these tips won’t get you that high score right away. Those people that have the 7000cm brains have put in a lot of time and practice, but most of them have probably used methods like these to get better. Of course, is you want to learn a little more, you can always check out the WHTBB Discussion Board or this handy site and mingle amongst your fellow brains. Good luck.

KickMania! Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

KickMania!Surprisingly enough, a lot of people are playing KickMania on Facebook to put the boot to their friends. One can only hope that this desire applies strictly to the game, and not some deep seeded roots within reality. How on Earth do people kick so far? Some of these coveted kicks are well over 200, even 300 meters.

Well, there are a few secrets to share that those “ass-assins” use that might help you in your quest to own your very own collection of…we’ll stop. Anyway, you have to start with the basics, which means the more obvious tips: Start owning your friends. That’s right, in order to better kick asses, you need to own more people. Here’s the deal, the more you own, the more expensive (and more powerful) kicks become available. Assuming that you have done this already and have owned enough people to unlock the $1000 kick, then it comes down to a little bit of finesse.

The trick is timing, positioning, and explosives. First off, make sure you’ve owned 500 people so that you have access to the maximum of five explosive charges. These charges will allow you to detonate an explosion near the crash dummy as he or she reaches the ground and allows you to get some extra distance, but before that can come into play the initial kick has to be perfect.

KickMania!KickMania utilizes a very well built physics engine to simulate the rag doll effect. That means that momentum, trajectory, power, and mass all come into play. With that in mind, some players say that the male dummy is the better choice because it has more mass, and more mass equals more momentum. While this isn’t written in stone, it is worth considering. Despite whether or not you choose to use a male or female dummy, you still have to be both very quick in reacting to the power meter and incredibly precise on your position. Before you do anything, try to position your foot near the dummy’s waist, just where the shirt and pants meet at a 45 degree angle. Once you’re ready, be prepared to react quickly to the power meter and attempt to kick at its highest apex for the greatest potential.

$1000 Kick: Check. Position: Check. Power: Check. Okay, so now comes the use of explosives. For $50 you can detonate a charge, but you will need a kick of at least 30 meters to even see the first one. These charges activate when you get close to them, and once near, you can press “spacebar” to set them off. This, however, is where timing is critical. Remember, that this game is a simulated physics engine, thus both angle and distance from the explosion are going to affect trajectory and momentum. If you detonate too far away, you will get little to no result. If you go too soon, you might send your target backwards. What you want to try and do is trigger the explosion at the last possible second so that it goes off before the dummy’s center of mass hits the ground and is at about a 45 degree angle to the right of the charge. Each well timed charge should get you an extra 30 – 50 meters on your total kick distance.

Markus Weischselbaum of KickMania describes it in a technical sort of way on the KickMania forums: “The direction of the boost vector is an imaginary line from the explosive charge towards the center of mass of the body….the force applied to the body is inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the explosion.”

There you have it. Before you even start going for those distance records, you’re going to have to earn all five explosives and that $1000 kick. Once you’ve done that though, it all comes down to position, power, timing, and practice. Finding that sweet spot for all three major elements of the game is pretty tough, but now that you know what to look for, it should make your endeavors a little easier to pursue. Best of luck fellow ass kickers, and remember to wear padded jeans.

Minigolf Party Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Minigolf PartyOkay, this week, its all about Playfish’s latest title, Minigolf Party. This stellar little game lets you play rounds of miniature golf with your friends in some rather exotic and worldly locals. As with other Playfish games, players vie for the high score – but more than that, they also strive to unlock all the achievements and trophies they can. However, this task can be a lot more daunting than one might think – but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

So it seems that a number of people struggle in finding what all of the trophies actually are. Well, here is a nice neat list for you:

  • Welcome Badge – First full round of golf
  • Lifetime Achievement – play more than 50 games of golf
  • Hole In One! – Making a hole in one shot
  • Coin Collector – collect more than 100 coins
  • Coins? What Coins? – Five Coins or less collected on a full course
  • Metal Detector – Collect all coins in a course
  • Party Hat – Par on all holes in a course
  • Professional – Under par on all holes in a course
  • Birds Nest – Birdies or better on all holes in a course
  • Where Eagles dare – Eagle or better in one hole
  • Party Player – Have 20 friends playing
  • Giving Golfer – Gift more than 20 items to friends
  • Challenge Champ – Win more than 20 challenges against your friends
  • Need A Towel? – Hit the ball in a pond 5 times
  • Treasure Hunter – Find the secret treasure chest
  • Enthusiast – Play more than 10 rounds of golf in 1 hour

Okay, now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get some tips on how to get those tougher ones.

Hidden BlockQuite possibly, the two most asked about trophies are “Metal Detector” and “Treasure Hunter.” When going for these achievements, score can be of no concern to you, because you’re definitely not getting par while searching for these. Nevertheless, the Treasure Hunter trophy can be acquired on the Egypt course. If you look closely, you should notice a small, square block to the right of the Great Pyramid that is surrounded by four, orange flowers. That is your target. Beneath it is a hole that leads to the basement of the pyramid in which the treasure is hidden.

SphinxIn order to access the hole, you first have to move the block. Notice how the Sphinx has a nose? Well, the real Sphinx’s nose is actually broken, as such, you will need to correct this “oversight.” Carefully line your ball up with the left foot of the Sphinx and launch the ball into its nose. This will open up the hole to the right of the pyramid. Now all you need to do is get the ball close enough to its base so you can ramp it into the hole. It is a tricky shot, but here is a video that should help you out.

Not only will finding this treasure get you the Treasure Hunter trophy, but it will put you one step closer to getting the Metal Detector trophy. That in mind, there are still a few hidden and tough coins to get. The most common ones that are missed come from Rome and France. In France, they aren’t hidden, just a pain to get because if you make one mistake, you will have to start over. The trouble spot is the last four coins by the Eiffel Tower. No real trick here except, play very soft positioning. If you hit the ball even the slightest bit too hard, the slope will slide the ball into the hole. This takes a very steady hand and patience as you will have to do it four times. Just gently nudge the ball to each coin and you will be fine.

RomeRome, on the other hand, requires less subtlety. In this course, the coins are hidden, so take a wild guess where. That’s right, they are in the Colosseum. If you notice, there are two collapsed columns in the middle of the course. The shorter one, is actually a ramp. Simply position the ball near it and give it a nice whack towards the roof of the Colosseum. Assuming you hit it hard enough, it should land right in the middle, collect the hidden coins and fly out onto the pizza at the end.

That should help you out in getting those trophies unlocked for yourself, but if you want to beat those high scores, you had better learn how to get coins in all the courses without sacrificing as many swings. It all comes down to practice and patience. Think about those shots, experiment with different methods, and slowly work your way up there. Good luck, and happy golfing.

SimCity for the iPhone – More Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

SimCity Cheat Prompt
Last month we took a look at the new iPhone rendition of the classic sandbox game, SimCity. Complete in its original form, the game is no mere shell of its former glory. Everything you know and remember is still there, but as was found out, very few of the original cheat codes still worked.

The last time the topic of SimCity was touched upon, there were two known cheats. If players shook the iPhone they would be prompted with an input prompt for said codes, and could enter the classic codes of “i am weak” and “pay tribute to your king.” Upon completion, players could enjoy construction costs at the bargain of $0 and access to all extra rewards, respectively.

Well, time has passed and thanks to a find on a little website called GameWinners, two new codes were discovered:

  • Having some trouble with excess garbage in your city? No worries, because if you enter the code, “garbage in, garbage out”, you should be fixing that issue right away as you are granted the recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator, and the normal incinerator. Yum, burning garbage.
  • Not enough you say? How about some clean high tech industries? Just put in the cheat, “nerdz rule” and the neat freaks will be built in your industrial zone.

Unfortunately, that’s all that’s new this time around, but we’ll keep looking. Of course, if anyone has found any new ones, then by all means share them.

Aurora Feint: The Arena – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

A while back we reviewd a new iPhone game by the name of Aurora Feint: The Arena. This puzzle game can be a bit difficult at times, so we did some digging around the web and found some tips and solutions for many the Tower puzzles. There’s a lot to cover in this guide, so let’s get too it!

Wind 1 – Eastern Breeze: 1 Move
- Swap the middle fire and wind marbles.


Wind 2 – Western Breeze: 3 Moves
- Tilt right.
- Swap the top row water and shadow marbles.
- Tilt left.


Wind 3 – Southern Breeze: 4 Moves
- Swap the bottom row’s earth and fire.
- Swap the bottom row’s earth and water.
- Swap the bottom row’s earth and wind.
- Move the right earth over to the other two.


Wind 4 – Northern Breeze: 2 Moves
- Move the top wind marble left.
- Move the water marble right.


Water 1 – Summer Rain: 1 Move
- Swap the middle fire and water marbles.


Water 2 – Winter Rain: 2 Moves
- Tilt right.
- Swap the middle fire and water marbles.


Water 3 – Spring Rain: 2 Moves
- Move the bottom left water marble one to the left.
- Swap the two top earth and wind marbles.


Water 4 – Fall Rain: 2 Moves
- Move the top water tile over to the right by two fields.


Earth 1 – Natural Growth: 1 Move
- Move the top shadow marble one field to the left.


Earth 2 – Sand Storm: 2 Moves
- Swap the bottom row earth and fire marbles.
- Move the remaining top wind marble to the right.


Earth 3 – Majestic Mountain: 2 Moves
- Tilt right.
- Swap the bottom earth and fire marbles.


Earth 4 – Rolling Hills: 4 Moves
- Swap the top middle earth and fire marbles.
- Tilt right.
- Tilt left.
- Swap the remaining earth and fire marbles.


Shadow 1 – Moon Shadow: 3 Moves
- Tilt right.
- Swap the wind and shadow marbles.
- Swap the fire and water marbles.


Shadow 2 – Shooting Star: 1 Move
- Swap the middle water and fire marble.


Shadow 3 – Black Nothingness: 3 Moves
- Move the bottom water marble left.
- Move the bottom earth marble left.
- Move the top fire marble right.


Shadow 4 – Silver Moon: 4 Moves
- Tilt up.
- Tilt left.
- Swap the middle water and shadow tiles.
- Move the remaining top water tile to the right.


Fire 1 – Wild Fire: 2 Moves
- Swap the first, left water with the fire tile.
- Swap the second, left water with the fire tile.


Fire 2 – Volcanic Ash: 4 Moves
- Tilt left.
- “Drop” the two fire marbles on the bottom one.
- Tilt right.


Fire 3 – Scorching Flame: 3 Moves
- Move the left-most water tile one field to the right.
- Swap the leftmost earth tile with the water tile next to it.
- Tilt right.


Fire 4 – Original Molten Lava: 2 Moves
Tilt up.
- Tilt right.


Texas Hold’Em for iPhone – Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

The game of the day comes from Apple themselves with their popular iPhone card game: Texas Hold’Em. Costing around $5 in the app store, this poker game is well worth the money as it not only sticks with the official rules but is also rather easy for anyone learn. Okay, so maybe you won’t become a master overnight, but in time you will be betting with the best of them.

For those that have played the game, they can probably attest to the sometimes brutal nature of the opponents. Rare is the tell that gives away their hands. Nonetheless, there is still hope.

Cheat InputWhen you can’t win straight up, it’s time to cheat, and in order to do so, you will need to select “New Player” from the “Options” menu. To input each code, you will have to use the letter selection tool to input each cheat as the player name, and once entered, the iPhone or iPod Touch will jump to the checkmark character (be sure to hold Center until the code activates).

With the logistics out of the way, it’s time to get down to business: Start by entering in the code “YOUCHEAT” to open a menu with options to all tournaments, start you with $100,000 in cash, show tells and/or down cards, and even let you adjust the AI to fold normally, often, or never.

Of course, not everyone might need this cheat, but even if you can play cards, do you know how to play them in style? Enter in any of the following codes and prepare to take a trip as you play your hand in some rather… curious locals:

  • Dogs Play Cards TooBIGROCKS: Stonehenge Tournament
  • THREEAMI: Apple Conference Room Tournament.
  • PLAYDOGS: Dog Tournament (yes, you play against dogs)
  • SPACEACE: Futuristic Tournament (apparently aliens play too)
  • BARTUNES: iTunes Bar Tournament
  • ALLCHAR: See Secret Characters

That’s all there is for now, but as always, if more are found, more will be posted. Just remember to go big or go home. Good luck.

Mafia Wars – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Mafia Wars

It’s time for another tips session, and this time, it’s off to the mafia. Mafia Wars seems like a simple game at first glance, but once you get into it, it actually begins to become somewhat complicated with hits, different jobs, adding members, equipping all of them, and so on. What do you buy? What quests do you do? How should you level? These are all questions that are posed by new players, and it can be a bit daunting. Well, we searched high and low for ways to help you out, and hopefully these tips and tricks will help those new players that simply feel overwhelmed.

So you’ve started Mafia Wars and you’re not sure where to start, well, the first choice is easy enough: Pick a “Maniac” class. While earning more cash or health might seem appealing, energy is what allows you to do quests and it is significantly better to earn both cash and experience instead of just one. That said, it’s time to get down to business.

DO NOT add to you mafia right away. Yes, you do want a large mafia to be stronger, but if you are ill-prepared, this is going to hurt more than help. Essentially, you want to have a “Mafia Mikes” and a “Bloody Chainsaw” (please note, that the bloody chainsaw is a special item bought from the home page and will periodically change. For all intents and purposes, the special item tends to have similar stats, and is often interchangable if the chainsaw is gone) for every two members. Here’s the thing though, the game bases the amount of members you need for another one of these items based on your current members. So say you bought a chainsaw with a mafia of 12, but then added 8 people, you’ll now need 22 members to buy another one, thus losing out the extra chainsaws you could have bought at 16, 18, and 20 members. Assuming that you are now equipping properly, it is time to spend some experience points.

Mafia JobsIdeally, you want to put all of your points into energy so you can level faster. Since quests are going to be your primary source of experience and cash (hence why you used maniac), your limiting factor is how fast your energy recharges. Furthermore, energy resets every level, so having an high energy and a fast regeneration can get you to higher levels exponentially faster. Of course, you will want other stats eventually (when that is, is completely up to you), but this will give you a nice start.

Okay, so now you’re leveling at a nice pace and you’re getting those Mafia Mikes and Bloody Chainsaws when you should. What’s next? Why, equipping your mafia of course, and this can be done either via looting or buying. In general, it is better to loot in higher missions, but if you want to be safer, just buy, and if you’ve been doing what’s been said so far, money shouldn’t be a serious issue. The recommended equipment is as follows (once you can buy them of course):

  • Weapons: Bloody Chainsaws should be available to half your mafia (since you’ve been buying them every two members right?), thus the other half should utilize the Chain Guns (.50 Caliber Rifle is better once you start looting).
  • Armor: Body Armor all around – period. Yes, you can buy other stuff too, but this is a definite purchase.
  • Cars: Secondary to armor and weapons, but if you must have one, the Towncar comes recommended.

This should be more than enough to get you started on the right track in Mafia Wars. However, before things get wrapped up, here are some other interesting tips found around the web that should work for both the MySpace and Facebook versions of the game.

  • Avoid the Hitlist as best as possible. While it might be fun at higher levels, drawing attention to yourself at lower levels is just going to get you killed over and over again by high level players. Stay under the radar as long as you can.
  • If you ever attack someone and get the maximum amount of cash ($70,000), bookmark them and attack them as often as possible.
  • When you do start using other stats besides energy, it is best to keep attack and defense equal.
  • (MySpace Version) More Energy – Send an energy pack to a friend along with the message, then go to your MySpace page and click on the link (the image) and you will send one to yourself.
  • (MySpace Version) Beat the Bank 10% – Annoying, but if you deposit $9 at a time you will beat the system.
  • Best Early Cash & Experience Jobs:
    o Level 1 – 4: Auto Theft
    o Level 5 – 8: Bank Heist
    o Level 9 – 12: Museum Break In
    o Level 13 – 17: Wiretap the Cops

Best of luck, and happy gaming.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gran Turismo PSP Game Review


Being that I am very huge devotee of the Gran Turismo enfranchisement, I am experiencing a rough sledding getting to grips with the reality that it isn't an amazing (or perhaps just acceptable) PSP game. It aches me to report it, but it is the reality. While the driving mechanism are amazing, if a bit unstylish, the several presentation problems (like the absence of a career fashion) genuinely keep it from being what it might, and could, have been.

DiRT 2 PSP Game Review


When the moment ultimately came in for GRID to turn the wheel and rush headlong to the DS, the game designers understood it’d be unimaginable to derive a 'console perfect' reproduction. So they acted like what all clever development squads might do, trashed the concept of emulating the PS3/personal computer/360 chef-d'oeuvre and developed one racing PSP game that was exciting but not actually accurate to its brand.
What I found in this game is if you want to drive around a single street sign to move ahead of an opposition …actually, you can’t do that. If you don't brake while drawing close to a single turn and the car twirls off track, this game will not offer you the opportunity to recover from this either. Alternatively, DIRT 2 completely carries your car back to the original track. Although current is practical in a few conditions, it's also strongly prohibitory in shaping a creative technique. Of course, someone could debate that going off track to butt in front of other people is unfair. However what about those infrequent open spots that look like a crosscut but are barred by unseeable bulwarks? That is simply blemished game conception.

If you are a real racing fan, that should not be enough to prevent you from accelerating towards this pleasant PSP racing game.

SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny PSP Game Review


Fighting PSP games in already become a haphazard matter when it comes to adopting every acceptable character from any console versions and jamming into into your UMD. Starting from Tekken: Dark Resurrection to the King of the Fighters it's a proof the PSP is adequate to of do-welling by incorporating the fighting genre. And now, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, among the finest PSP fighting games that appear in this handheld device in ages.
The sound quality in this game has a part in causing it seem like if you are using the real console version. Its soundtrack has not altered and that is not an awful matter and you will not even be annoyed hearing a similar melody time and time again. The story prior to a match is coming back and the vocalizations remain passably similar in previous games in this series.

Expect to allow your fingers a genuine exercise as Broken Destiny is an amazingly spectacular and out-and-out habit-forming portable Soulcalibur PSP game you absolutely need need to have in your PSP collection. Certain, I wish there are more single-player features and also online multiplayer however there is nothing to be struck-awed with and yet it definitely worths every cent, if you like this serial publication or an amazing fighting PSP game.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Game Review

The brand new Monster Hunter is utterly magnificent, but it is not for everybody — the steep learning curve may turn a lot of players away. It is a shame, anytime you think about the amount this game wants to offer. The world is immense, its fighting mechanism is mystifying, and the range of things and upgrades applicable is equivalent with a Mandelbrot Set; the more you stare onto it, the more interlocking it seems. Most importantly, Monster Hunter is gratifying, awarding the form of atonement that may only be gained when you at last acquire the better position on a PSP game.

Since Monster Hunter will not gets any easier, it only gets more difficult. That is because the fictitious character does not have any lasting statistics to speak of. You have no ability. None. There is the health indicator in-game, and the stamina indicator below; one filled again by potions, to other by food. That's it. You can't make any tasks easier by drumming senselessly. To address a specific issue, you have to decipher it.

Rock Band Unplugged PSP Game Review

The Rock Band franchise is among the most favorite yet in the musical rhythm game genre, initiating the multi-instrument formatting and enabling up to 4 players to jam simultaneously with a bevy of certified tracks on musical instrument peripheral devices. So, after it was foretold that Harmonix might be creating a PSP game of the franchise without any instruments, lovers of this series got moderately overcurious as to what this PSP game would imply. Fortunately, the experimentation bought off, as Rock Band Unplugged is a satisfying and amusive light-weight loop from the serial publication.

Visually, this PSP game does a smooth job of mimicking the appearance of the console adaptations of Rock Band. The demonstration is taken from an original game, right from the menus and the fictitious character styles to the auditory sensation FX. The master transcriptions also sound amazing, and using earphones is unquestionably favored to the PSP’s fairly inferior loudspeaker system.

The the absence of multiplayer is surely a bummer, and most of the set-list is intimate territory for followers of the Rock Band enfranchisement, but followers need to have a blast with this game.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen PSP Game Review


Megahit action films and games tie-ins are joining soda and garden chair on the list of summer icons. PSP users have wanted to blend those characteristics by going outdoors with the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The 3rd person run-and-gun shooting game is ultimately usable, however the badly tuned gameplay is boring at best and worsening at worst. Although blasting your ways through swarms of hostile robots can be gratifying, the spotty gaming mechanics, clumsy melee control, dull visuals, and awful sound FX badly mute the appealingness. There's a significant quantity of gaming at this position, but you will be hard pressed to catch any excitement.
Frequently, though, you will just be running and shooting manoeuvering your way around hostile fire. Although the maneuver is working and passably stimulating, it is not exciting. You are facing a similar oppositions and repetiting a similar formula again and again (there is a two players Challenge mode if you prefer to do them all in an arena). Additionally, the aforesaid problems, oppositions will at times run onscreen while shooting at several entirely different directions. Those rough edges give the entire PSP game a slapped together feeling. Revenge of the Fallen must try extremely hard to keep the baffling gameplay and second-rate presentation successfully on track, and it does not have any vitality available to entertain you.

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? for PSP, Game review


NIS! They really have a knack for coming up and releasing a few of the most offbeat PSP titles the Earth has ever seen. That is the reason why they persist to be one of the popular game publishers. They are not hesitate to delight niche crowds with unusual PSP titles with even freakier games, like Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? With this unconventional small game sideshow, you essentially adopt the blanket of a pickax that once owned by the God of Devastation.
Badman can be a little difficult to accept, even so it compensates for asceticism with a certain humourous old-school RPG mood, nods to some anime ambience, and overall motivation to ridicule at itself and many other PSP titles in comparable genres. In fact, in what other PSP game can you meet the champion called "Shota" whose verbal description entails that he is a fashionable Japanese hentai character! For me, that is what grants Badman its obvious appeal -- its mental attitude says this all. Added with cunning, 2D artwork and an habit-forming soundtrack, those are a few pleasing production benefits that can be reveled on the PSP, based on which variant you choose to stick to.

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? absolutely an fantabulous strategy game with an labyrinthine mode of gameplay which will keep you engrossed for a long time. Even so, if you finish the tutorial sessions, Never believe you will get the hang of the game instantly. This game will need fairly a little bit of money to eventually get under your thumb, even so, when you finish this game, it's doubtful you will choose to forget it for some time.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf for PSP review


You see, each golf game is a good deal like a toast. It is absolutely hard to make it wrong. Granted, a few games wind up glowing. The most part though, are fastened within the the ceaseless “pretty good” rut. This game is included. Of course, being really good is not a lousy thing. I would say it is quite acceptable. Pangya Fantasy Golf, although, adopts this time-tested technique and adds up its own kinks, leading into a worthy PSP game.

After those Tiger Woods PGA Tour games actively innovating, the concept for golf games was continuously easy. There was a player, and there was a meter. You push down a button one time, see the meter to get to the highest level, push this button once again, see the meter to hit that bottom, push once again and let it fly. That simple-yet-effective solution is employed by Pangya, with an average success . You will find a couple of other things spread onto these game, of course, like that power meter, which helps to add a little more power on one shot when it is shot, and a few creative surrounding that play in different ways compared to an ordinary rough/fairway/green course. The nucleus of gameplay, though, stays moderately regular.
Although Pangya isn't the most creative game gameplay-wise, it's still pleasurable. With a looney story mood and firm gameplay, you may quickly lose hours on golf playing. The real issue is the the absence of internet multiplayer. With the not-really-budget value of $30, I think we have to see a few online tee moment. Nonetheless, it is a title you are able to get fun on your own, or with pals.

Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament for PSP Review


Steambot Chronicles is a bit like of clear antithesis to the regular open-world gameplay style. Rather than an over-the-top ferocity or hard-edged outlaws acquiring center stage, this game was inhabited with upbeat, airy fictional characters, cafés, Victorian architecture, and a slacked up, freewheeling mental attitude to finishing missions. Certainly, it was not completely nonviolent: robot combat was always the brand of this PSP game late in the day (albeit, clumsy steam-powered automata). It is a venture compressed down for a PSP, dumbing down Steambot Chronicles a bit of its easygoing ambience.
Regrettably, the artwork have sustained the same fate. For the PS2, the Steambot Chronicles was fairly an appealing game; but not so for the PSP. Although the fictional characters and Trotmobiles seem moderately respectable, the surrounding in Battle Tournament are tasteless, bland, and full with muddied texture work. Robot combats are skillfully animated, tho', and the colorations pop adequately to prevent them from getting befuddling. It is a bit peculiar that those fictional characters and mechs are really well designed, yet the domain is really muted and horrible - it nearly looks like they are stuck in a unworthy PSP game. Even so, while the surrounding is roughly beautiful, it is definitely not a slow game: this game is full with exuberant fictitious character portrayals, a good deal of the dialogues are voice acted, while the songs is nothing short of only toe-tapping. It is simply a pity the artwork did not get an acceptable look-over.
This game adopts the Steambot Chronicles enfranchisement in an curious focus, considering it is the earliest sequel that game has bred. The archetype was a bit like of a cult classic, certainly, thanks to the rolling gameplay; the sequel has more effort and more process. The real question is what those devotees desired? Certainly, Battle Tournament can lack a few of the appeal that caused the existing game so adored, but it is a modest action adventure.

Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II PSP Review


Air Conflicts brings users back to World War II and allows users go through the fight through the eyeballs of fighter pilots from the RAF, the US Army Air Corps, Soviet Union Air Force and also the German Luftwaffe. All countries have a quota of 3 campaigns (4 for the russians), and every campaign is further broken up into approximately a dozen missions. The Soviets in all probability have the most gripping and diversified experience, with users starting the state of war by overrunning Republic of Poland and Republic of Finland as the ally of the Nazi Germans and after that guarding Stalingrad and assaulting the German capital as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics responded to the German Nazi' treachery and forced Der Fuhrer to fight back a state of war on both fronts.
Most of the problems spring from an actual fact that Air Conflicts plainly does not work as soon as shriveled down to a PSP display. The warfares are big and the objectives too insignificant for users to have a substantial sense of what actually is taking place. Target areas are small, except if you drop down almost above them (which means that revealing yourself to exceptionally deadly anti aircraft flak), and enemy aircrafts are just points until the second they are directly on top of you, guns ablaze. Making matters even less comfortable is the actual fact that the surrounding all seem equal regardless where you are, which drives this PSP game to seem even more generic. Do you aware that that Islamic Republic of Iran features rich hills and pines? I did not either, but obviously it is true as that is how the region is depicted in that title.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hack Airtel Message Center Number to Send Free SMS – 100% working

Many people search for free Airtel message center number to start sending unlimited messages without paying for them. Well, previously many websites made posts on these free message center numbers, but after the frequent use of the number, Airtel capped or filtered those numbers from further use. But still there are few working message center numbers and here I am going to reveal that with you. Note that Airtel might ban this number anytime, so be fast in using this and send free sms to anyone from your Airtel mobile number.

Airtel free sms center number hack

How to send unlimited free SMS using free SMS center no hack

  1. Navigate to Messages option on your mobile and click on Settings
  2. Click on Message Center Number and proceed to add a new message center number.
  3. In Message Center Name field, write anything. For an example, “Solid Blogger”.
  4. In the Message Center Number field, write +919810051905
  5. Choose Preferred Connection Type as Packet Data
  6. Save the message center and activate it from the options.
free message center no india

Now we have configured the message settings to send and receive all message through an another message center number. But since we have selected Packet data as connection type, we have to do some additional settings on our phone.

  1. Go to your phone menu and navigate to Settings >> Phone Settings >> Connection >> Packet Data
  2. In the settings of packet Data, edit the following options
  3. Packet Data Connection >> When available and Access Point >> Airtel Live
  4. Save all settings and you are done.

Note : Here we are using a CDMA message center number to send free messages from Airtel mobile. Since CDMA networks don’t support 91 as the country code, you have to add 0 before every number. This is very important and if you make mistake here, this trick will not work.

Example : Suppose you want to send free messages to 9861098610, now while composing the SMS, type this number as 09861098610 in stead of 919861098610 or +919861098610.

And also, message center number settings option may vary from phone to phone. The above steps are mentioned for Nokia mobile phones. If you want to try sending free SMS from any other handset, use your mobile manual and set the new message center number accordingly.

Google turns 11 on 27th Sept : GooGllE

Hi Guys.. you ever wondered why there is change in the Spelling of Google today.. lemme show you the screen shot

So guys lets congratulate the founder of Google " Larry Page and Sergey Brin " for such a brilliant idea which has changed our lifes..
So guys,.. Enjoy the day with Google

Card Trick 1


The magician has three rows of cards. An audience volunteer picks a card in his/her head and tells the magician what row it's in. The magician does that three times and on the third time tells the volunteer what their card was. (or have the magic puppet whisper to you what the card was and then you tell the audience what the puppet said.)


21 cards, all different


First lay out the cards, 3 across and 7 down.

Have someone think of a card and tell you what row its in.

Pick up all the rows, row by row, making sure to pick up the row that the card is in 2nd.

EXAMPLE: Let's assume the volunteer secretly chose PINK-6 and then told us their card was in the second row. We would pick up the rows and we would make sure the pink row was picked up second so that it was in the middle of the deck.

Then lay out the cards again (the exact same way, 3 across & 7 down).

Put down one card per row.

  • Ex: First do this *** (let's pretend the stars are cards).
  • Then this: *** and so on (7 times).

In our example, we'd put down BLUE-1, BLUE-2, BLUE-3 then go down to the next row and place BLUE-4, BLUE-5, BLUE-6 and so on.

Then ask the volunteer where the card is in now.

Pick up the rows again, like before -- still making sure that you pick up the row that the card is in 2nd.

In our example, the volunteer would say their card was in the first row. You would make sure that row was in the middle of the deck

Lay them out again, the same way.

Then ask the volunteer which row the card is in now.
(You can get dramatic and tell them to think really hard about it... pretend to be reading their mind)

Then count four cards down in that row.
(It appears more magical if you count to yourself... people won't realize you're counting four cards down).

The fourth card is their card!!

In our example, the volunteer would have said their card was in the last row. Four cards down is PINK-6!


Danny offered this variation to make the trick harder to figure out. He wrote:

"I would like to offer an extra solution for magic trick number 1. In this one you lay down 3 columns with 7 cards. And the spectator picks a card. The thing is, that it can become obvious that your always taking the one with the card in it, SECOND. So to ''hide it'' you can do this. Do the 1st phase of it, Now RANDOMLY take each column. and lay them down in the way of phase 2. Now there are 2 columns with 2 cards, and 1 column with 3 cards (those cards I mention are those that were located in the chosen column). Now all you do is gotta remember the cards in the column they choose. And then lay them out THAT way again (or reversed, going from left to right instead of right to left.) And then those cards will be split apart, so you can still magically get the right card, but the trick is harder to guess."

Donna provided us with an alternative ending to this card trick:

"Proceed with trick up to the 3rd layout. You know the card is the 4th card in the row so continue to put the rows together - still with the selected row in the center. This will make 'the card' the 11th card.

Face down, place the cards into flower groups of 4 or 5 cards per group (you should get about 5 flower groups) - but remember which card is the 11th (this is the selected card). Ask the person to pick 2 (or however many you want) groups .. when they do, take away those groups BUT if the selected card is in that group, you leave those groups and take away the others. Continue until you only have the 1 remaining flower group containing the selected card and lay these cards out side by side and still face down (remembering where the selected card is).
Ask the person to select 2 cards (as with the flowers, & remembering where the card is), and again, if they pick 2 and one of these is the selected cards, remove the other cards leaving those 2. Ask them to pick 1 card .. if they pick the selected card .. remove the other or vise versa so that the remaining cards will always the selected card. Turn over the remaining cards and 'vola'.

They told you what flowers or cards to take away so they are even more amazed when the correct card turns up."